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Import file from other GeoStru software

Imports the profile of the slope from a file generated by other GeoStru programs.

From TriSpace software, the section created can be saved as (*.sec) and imported in GeoRock after selecting the file extension from the specific command.

From Geostru Maps App, once identified the area of interest on the work area a sequence of points must be inserted with the mouse, then must be selected the command "Find Elevation" and subsequently the command "Section". The section will be displayed on a Cartesian plane and can be created with a (*.sec) file extension  and then imported into GeoRock.


Import Excel file

Imports data that define the profile of the slope from a *.xls file The file must be structured as follows:

first column - serial number of the vertices of the slope starting from the number one

second column - x-coordinate of the vertex

third column - y-coordinate of the vertex


Import DXF file

Imports the data of the topographic profile from a *.dxf file. In the *.dxf file the slope must be defined by an open polyline in the Layer 0.





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