Liner elements

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Liner elements


The liner elements are composed of beam-column elements with three degrees of freedom per node: two translational degrees of freedom (u, v) and one rotational degree of freedom (rotation in the x-y plane θ) in each node. The liners are based on Bernoulli or Timoshenko beam theory, deflections are due to shearing as well as bending. Bending moments, shear forces and axial forces in the elements are evaluated in function of the nodal displacements and rotations determined at the ended nodes assigned in the finite plane element nodes (mesh). The liners nodes coincide with the nodes of the general structural mesh. In this way between the translations of the liner elements and the displacements in the finite element mesh exist a perfect compatibility. Translational d.o.f are shared by plane elements and beam elements at nodes. Rotational d.o.f. at these nodes are associated with only the beam elements (liners).



Fig.36. Liner elements









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