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When a wall resting on piles is specified (Main Parameters) the Pile command is made available in the Data Menu, within which the pile configuration can be specified.




Pile properties
Type and geometry as well as the coefficient of horizontal reaction, whether this is constant or varies with depth, and Poisson coefficient for the layer in which the pile tip is embeded for the calculation of settlement.


Foundation placement
To be able to locate the piles in the model the xxis distance from external edge is requested. In case of double pile row these are placed symmetrically, in case triple, threse are place in quincuncial format. Finally the distance of the longitudinal interaxis distance is requested.

Pile inclination
To each pile can be assigned a positive (anticlockwise) inclination.


Analysis options
For pile calculations, it is possible to choose either overturning moment or total moment of the action transmitted to the wall structure (Computation Process).


Shear check of circular sections, foundation piles

In a first phase, the program designs the shear reinforcement of the piles and then performs the verification.

The check is carried out between the design conditions and the data set by the user (in materials and reinforcements), for example the pitch of the stirrups.

If the step set by the user is less than the calculated step, the checks are carried out with the step assigned by the user, otherwise the program considers the design step.



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