Global Stability

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Global Stability


This performs Global Stability verification with the classical DEM and Limit Equilibrium methods. Verification can be performed both with circular and free form slip surfaces. For circular surfaces, the program generated a default centres grid however the user can alter it and move it as required.


The command executes the software to perform global stability analysis.



Environment for the procedure for initiating the global stability analysis


Clicking on the ''Calculation'' button will launch the Slope/MDC software.

Verification is done for the selected load combination. The transaction of data in the global stability module is automatic, it is recommended to perform checks on the input data.


From the Calculation menu you can select the method to be used for the global stability analysis and start the calculation through the command ''Run Analysis''.


The Calculation Summary tab shows the minimum value of the safety factor to be compared with the acceptable degree of safety.



Environment Global Stability Analysis


The global stability report will be printed in Slope from the Output menu - "Create relationship".


N.B. For more information on global stability analysis, see Slope's online help