Global stability analysis

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Global stability analysis


Global stability determines the safety factor of the joint wall, backfill complex, in regard to slide along possible failure surfaces.

The safety factor according to the ordinary strip method may be expressed by:






W= Typical slice weight;

Q= Distributed load;

F=  Point load;

KsW= Inertial force;

KS= Seismic intensity coefficient;

l= Length of typical slice base;

α= Slice base angle to horizontal;

c= Terrain cohesion;

ϕ= Terrain shear resistance angle;

ro= Radius of typical slip surface;

u= Gwt generated pressure;

Fo= Tieback horizontal load generated by tiebacks;

et= Anchorage force eccentricity in respect of centre of rotation;

es= Seismic forces eccentricity in respect of centre of rotation.



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