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Minipile armature.

This tab permits the specification of the characteristics of the armature used in the minipiles. As the armature of tubifix piles is tubular and that of radix (radice) piles is steel rods the window alters aspect depending on the type of minipile used.

For Radice type minipiles the following parameters are requested:

Iron strut diameter: Armature strut rod diameter. In verification stage should this be found to be insufficient, a message is displayed.

Minimum number of iron struts: Enter minimum number of rods per minipile. If this is found to be insufficient it will be altered in verification stage according to the method selected.

Tie bar diameter : Specify diameter of tie bar steel.

Strut coating: Specify thickness of coating covering the steel armature.

For Tubifix type minipiles the following parameters are requested:

External diameter: Specify the external diameter of the tube.

Thickness: Specify thickness of tube wall.

Weight: Specify unit weight of tubular armature per metre length

For tubifix types a listing of typical armatures is included and available through selection from a drop down list from which the data is automatically entered in the parameter boxes above. The automatically entered data may be altered at will. The data source is a file in the program folder named ‘Tubi Micropali.txt’. The user may add or amend the contents of this file to suit local requirements and availability. However it is well to retain the original file as a model as it is strictly necessary to adhere to the format used.

The file contains the following fields:

§         External diameter (mm)

§         Wall thickness (mm)

§         Section moment of inertia in respect to barycentre axis (m²)²

§         Moment of Inertia × Elasticity modulus KN/m²

§         Resistance modulus  cm³ and m³

§         Section area cm² and m²

§         Rupture moment for the section Kg/m lgth.