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Minipile characteristics.

The pane of this tab permits the specification of the component minipiles.

Description: Descriptive text for these minipiles

Type: Type of minipile. Select from drop down list between Tubifix and Radix

Injection: Type of cement injection to be adopted. Select from drop down list. Note that injection is only relevant for tubifix piles and it is for these that the alternatives IRS (repetitive & selective) or IGU (Single pressure, global) should be selected depending on the average size of the bulb.

Perforation diameter (m): Give the bore diameter of the excavation for the minipile

Soil: Select from drop down list the type of soil. For Tubifix piles, this is required to derive the parameter: α, which in turn is used to calculate the average diameter of the bulb

Alpha (α): This parameter is used to estimate, based on injection type and soil property, the average diameter of the bulb for TUBIFIX piles. For Radix piles the value is one. The value is inserted automatically based on the preceding entries but may be altered by the user at will.

Bulb diameter (alpha.Dp) (m): Estimated resultant bulb diameter for TUBIFIX piles. for RADIX piles the bulb diameter is the same as the borehole diameter. The value calculated based on the preceding entries, may be altered by the user.

Colour: Opens a colour palette to select a colour with which the minipiles are shown on the diagram.

Armature type: Select from drop down menu. Longitudinal rods fro RADIX piles and tubular for TUBIFIX.

Elasticity modulus (Kg/cm²): Accept or, if required, amend the elasticity figures, of the concrete fill for RADIX piles or of the steel tube for TUBIFIX