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Foundation for minipiles.

Terrain profile. Defines the profile of the excavation on either side of the foundation center, to show the level and outline of the foundation to support. These parameters are merely used to display the terrain profile surrounding the consolidation works.

Right side lgth (m): Excavation length to the right hand stretch of the structure.

Left side lgth (m): Excavation length to the left hand stretch of the structure.

Foundation. Definition of the foundation structure to support.

Foundation type: Select structure type from drop down list  Type A (Strip footing) or type B (Spread footing).

Foundation length (m): Length of foundation to support.

Foundation width (m): width of foundation to support.

Foundation base on left (m): Specify the length of the right hand base of the foundation. For spread footing foundations, enter the right hand base increase.

Foundation base on right (m): As above for left hand.

Lower foundation height (m): Height of lower part of foundation structure.

Upper foundation height (m): Height of upper part of foundation structure.


As the Foundation data is entered a diagram of the foundation appears in the pane on the right. In this same pane a colour or texture can be applied to the foundation outline. The diagram sees the foundation structure end on so that the section shows the width of the foundation while the length extends away from the viewer and is consequently not seen.