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Minipile Placement.

The program foresees that minipiles may be placed below the foundation in groups of up to four, repeated for the length of the foundation structure at intervals.

Each group may contain a maximum of two external, vertical piles and two internal, crossing piles. Any combination (0,1,2) of piles in either vertical or internal sets may be specified and this configuration is repeated at the interaxis intervals along the foundation structure. The Preview diagram show the pile arrangement seen in transversal cross section (end on).

For both internal and external sets the following parameters should be specified:

Absent,  Left,  Right: check boxes to indicate which pile should be configured for that set.

Trunk length: Trunk length of Tubifix pile in m. For Radice piles specify the total length of the pile.

Bulb length: Bulb length of Tubifix pile in m. For Radice piles specify the total length of the pile.

Transversal interaxis: Distance (m) between repetitions of pile sets. (note that external and internal piles may have different repetition intervals!


For external piles:

Distance to external edge: Distance of pile center line from external edge of foundation structure (m).

For internal piles:

Intersection depth: Depth below the base of the foundation (m) at which the pile(s) center line crosses the vertical.

Inclination: Angle of inclination of the pile(s) to the vertical.


Minipile Group Efficiency: This parameter is required to compute the bearing capacity of the minipile group. The value is calculated automatically based on the Converse – Labarre formula. However if the user feels that another method is preferable, the value entered will be used.