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Enables alteration in the view of the worksheet, to either reveal greater detail or obtain a more distant view in the manner of a camera zoom.

A plan is a life-size drawing on a virtually unlimited surface. The drawing window is like a camera lens focused and centered on part of that unlimited paper.

Through the lens of the drawing window you can zoom out to see your entire drawing (reduced to fit the screen), or zoom in for a magnified view of a detail. Later, when you use a printer to get a paper copy, you can scale it to fit the paper or to any predetermined scale.

The effect may be varied with the following commands:

Zoom Window

Lets you draw a selection rectangle or "window" to view part of your display in the drawing window. Use the left button to select one corner of the view you want. Now the cursor becomes a stretching rectangle. Select a second corner for the view. The screen is redrawn to show the part of your drawing that fits within the rectangle.

Dynamic Zoom

Provides an interactive zoom effect using the mouse to control it.


Once the left mouse key is pressed the pointer alters into an enlargement lens. Dragging the pointer upwards increases the size of the image, while downwards drag reduces it. The zoom factor may be read in the toolbar display.

Previous Zoom

Returns to the zoom factor current before the last operation.

Zoom All

A zoom factor is applied, such that the whole contents of the worksheet are displayed.


The same functions are available on the toolbar where a frame indicates the zoom factor. This figure may be altered (press enter) to achieve an exactly defined zoom factor.

Note: Zoom does not alter the absolute dimensions of the drawing and does not impact on its scale when printing.



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