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M.R.E. (Mechanically Stabilized Earth)

Software for sizing and verification of reinforced earth, either with metallic elements or geomembranes.

It is possible to define more reinforced earth typologies in the same file and run, simultaneously, all the verification and project analysis for more load combinations.

The software allows an easy input through a series of dedicated instruments like automatic generation of the reinforcements' position, profile of reinforced earth with the option to choose a profile of constant inclination or a terraces one; the software also includes an integrated geogrid database.

The verification and project analysis can be performed during the input phase, so that it can be established which of the combinations is most unfavorable.




The Standards that can be chosen for the geotechnical and structural calculation are European Union Eurocodes and also specific British,  Italian and Romanian National legislation as listed below.



Eurocode 2

Projects involving concrete structures. Part 1-1: General Rules.


Eurocode 7
Geotechnic Projects. Part 1: General Rules.


Eurocode 8
Project guidelines for structural resistance to seismic events. Part 5: Foundations, Retaining structures, and geotechnical aspects.


Italian National legislation:
(quoted from relevant legislation)


BS 8006: international British Standard 8006, for analyzing ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state of the structure; both are defined by load factors and partial coefficients.




Metallic strips or bars;

Geotextile strips or geotextile sheets (geomembranes)


Reinforcement with blocks;

The program has a database of the main reinforcement elements on the market;

The database can be easily completed and modified by the user.

For works of naturalistic engineering, define a reinforcement of the bar type in MRE (Material and Resource Editor) and assign wood as the material.



Determination of effective length and folding length, sizing of resistant section.





Intern Tieback and Compound;

Global stability: Sliding, Overturning and Limit load.




Diagram of the pressures on the work;  

Diagram of the efforts in the reinforcements;  

Diagram of the pressures in foundation;

Breaking wedge.


The program also offers a detailed computation report with lots of theory notes.




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