Inserting vertices

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Inserting vertices


The commands below are available for the vertices of polylines of: topographic profile, layers, groundwater, water table.


Inserting and editing

To insert a vertex graphically select the Insert command, move to the work area and click the left mouse button.

The position can be modified numerically in Vertices table displayed to the right of the workspace.


After inserting all the vertices of the polyline confirm the entry with the right click.

To change the position of a vertex select the Insert command, move the mouse on the point and drag it to a new location.



To delete a vertex, select the Delete command, move the mouse on the vertex to be deleted and click the left mouse button.

For proper operation of: insert, edit and delete correctly set tolerance of the cursor in drawing aids.



To delete multiple vertices simultaneously: select the delete command, press the left mouse button and with the button pressed, move to a new location, a rectangle will be drawn. All vertices within the rectangle will be deleted.





The vertices can be assigned numerically using the Table command. In numeric input right-click on the input grid to import, copy and export the data.




You can paste the vertices in the Table, having them previously copied from a text editor. You can copy individual values ​​or entire sequences - in this case separate fields with a tab.