Continuous beam

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Continuous beam


The software provides a service program for the stress analysis of a continuous beam schematizing the capping beam or the anchoring beam. The environment for the use of the service program is the following:


Continuous beam_



The key data for the proper functioning of the program are:

Geometry of the piling, in terms of the diameter of the piles, the distance between piles, etc.

Mechanical properties (E and n) and geometrical properties (A and J) of the beam to be calculated.

There can be inserted external bounds to the beam or external forces.

The output is provided in terms of bending moment, normal stress and shear (for each abscissa).

Are also calculated the maximum and minimum values of bending moment, Share and Displacement.


N.B. After assigning all required data, click the Generate model button, the model of the continuous beam will be displayed in the work area and after clicking the Calculate button the program provides the stresses.



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