Depth scale

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Depth scale


A depth ruler can be drawn on the graphic model to easier read the depths. The ruler may be scaled by selecting the command Scale in the Tools menu or corresponding toolbar button.

The column can be customized using the command "Modify elements". Click, on the model, on the depth scale column.

In the resulting dialog window the desired scale (1:100; 1:200, etc.) may be entered. Step intervals in the depth figures, the number of decimals, and the origin elevation (or depth) of the column may also be specified here.


Notes: The origin at which the depth ruler should start may be set at the convenience of the user. Thus zero or a positive or negative figure may be set as most relevant to the study in question. In all cases the depth ruler will indicate levels that descend from this initial value, so that where a positive figure is selected the figures will progress to zero and thereafter to negative ones.

When actual elevation is used (as opposed to layer thickness) the level of each lithologic boundary will necessarily be below the level of origin of the depth scale.



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