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By the use of appropriate templates, it is possible to generate Statigrapher sheets that document the construction specifications of wells. One such template that may be used as a model for others is provided with the software.


The elements describing the well are:


Closed tube



The first element we're going to enter, whatever it is, on the window that appears when you drag the mouse, we must indicate some basic parameters:


Diameter of drill hole

This value, graphically, will coincide with the width of the Well column and all the diameters of the elements will be compared on this measure. For example, if on an A4 sheet the column well measures 5 cm and we indicate 2000 mm as D.P., a closed tube of 1000 mm in will be drawn to 2.5 cm.



As filling is used a lithological texture, selectable as any bitmap.


Then are required the parameters of the specific component:



Measures the diameter of the element.



Lower level. The upper elevation is determined from the preceding element or from ground level if it is the first element.



Indicates the extent of overlap with respect to the item that precedes it.


Note: Remarks or description of the item.



When you specify a measure or diameter there is no reference to the unit of measurement used because is not decisive to the proper arrangement of the elements. In fact, all the horizontal dimensions (diameters) are calculated in relation to the diameter of the hole which always coincides with the total width of the column. To display the unit of measurement used it is necessary to describe it in the notes.



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