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Anchors archive

The anchors are necessary works to supplement the resources of geotechnical and structural strength of the bulkhead. The software allows the management of an anchors archive. A schematic representation, but significant for the quantities characterizing a tie rod anchor is shown in the following figure:




In the image above are presented the following symbols:


Anchor free length (LL)

Bulb length (LB)

Bulb diameter (DB)

Anchor cross section area (A)


Besides, the zones where the anchor is fastened to the bulkhead (on the upper left side) and the zones where the anchor is fastened to the ground can be recognized as well. Taking into account the previous figure, the environment which allows managing the anchors archive is the following:



As it can be observed, the data to be entered in order to correctly characterize an anchor are the following:


Nr: identifies the number of the anchor in the archive (ascending order number)

Description: the name through which the anchor is identified inside the archive

Area reinforcement: area of the anchor section which reacts to tensile stress (steel part of the anchor), expressed in cm² (Order of magnitude = 15/20 cm²)

Borehole diameter: the diameter of the borehole made for the insertion of the anchor, expressed in m (Order of magnitude = 0.2/0.8 m)

Bulb diameter: bulb diameter in m

Free length: the length of the anchor reacting to tensile stress (steel part of the anchor), expressed in m (Order of magnitude = 10 m)

Bulb length: the length of the anchor part which reacts by friction with the ground (upon which rely the strength resources connected to friction and adhesion with the ground). With regard to the previous figure, it is the final part of the anchor. It is expressed in m.

Materials steel/concrete: materials to be associated to the type of anchor (from Materials archive)

Color:  insert the color which identifies the anchor in the model


NB: for geotechnical and structural checks on the anchor, please refer to Theoretical notes (Anchors limit load).



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