Pressures assigned

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Pressures assigned

The distribution of the pressures acting upon the bulkhead (including when you have to calculate the nodal forces using the FEM method) is determined on the basis of the application of classical methods (e.g. calculation of the horizontal pressure using Rankine’s method). However, it is possible to be confronted by situations in which the distribution of the horizontal pressures, though it is known, does not follow the expected progress. The software allows managing these situations through the manipulation of the calculated distribution of pressures, integrating or replacing it with a distribution inserted by the user. the environment for the management of the pressures assigned is the following:




Z: Expressed in m. It is the elevation to which is required that the the pressure assumes a given value.

Value: Expressed in kPa. It is the value of the pressure corresponding to the elevation z.

Add to diagram: This check is necessary if the pressure assigned must to replace or  to superimpose to calculated diagram.

Color: Identifies the color of view of the diagram until the elevation z.




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