Global stability

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Global stability

Starts the procedure for calculation of the global stability of the model. The ground-work global stability is performed automatically by the program for each phase and combination. For each stability calculation it is possible to select a number of options such as: type of calculation limit states or limit equilibrium, author, shape of the surface, etc.





For the proper operation of the global stability module you must have installed the software Slope and in the File section set the path that defines the location of the executable file of the software Slope. Clicking the Execute button it will start the software Slope/SPW.


From the menu Computation it can be selected the method to use for the analysis of global stability and start the calculation through the Perform Analysis command.


global stability2


In the Computation summary tab (on the right side of the work area) is shown the minimum value of the safety factor to be compared with the degree of security considered acceptable.


The report for the global stability can be made in Slope > Output menu > Create report option.


N.B. For further information regarding the global stability, please see the manual of Slope software.




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