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Stratigrapher is a program for the graphic/textual documentary representation, in columnar form, of results of field survey combined as opportune with other data as to the composition of a terrain to the required depth.

As a related matter, also well construction characteristics may form the subject to be recorded.


The representative model may be designed by the user utilizing a built in Template editor, that yields templates for representation of either penetrometric investigation or well construction, much as a word processing document templates model document presentation. Default templates are provided for each type (Well/penetrometric) and based on these the user is enabled to design personalized versions. Each template thereafter dictates the information requirement of that type.


The columnar representation permits to represent the lithologic characteristics of the strata, documentation of samples and analysis (Pocket, Vane test, % Core depth, R.Q.D., Ground water table, Open tube or Casagrande piezometer etc.) against a user tailored depth scale.


Patterns and bitmaps to characterize the individual lithotypes may be applied directly from attached, user modifiable, libraries (lithotypes). Further, a set of vector textures or colors can be used to characterize lithotypes.

The resultant columnar documentation can be saved and updated as required and is available, upon completion, for import into the stratigraphy of other GeoStru software such as Slope Stability Analysis, LoadCap, MP, etc.

Insertion (Recording soil layers) of information consists in selection of the relevant tool from a list and dragging it to the required column at the desired elevation.



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