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CV Soil is a complete and innovative tool for the determination of characteristic geotechnical parameters according to a probabilistic approach, considering the statistic quantities obtained from a suitable number of samples.


With the introduction of the concept of limit state was developed in parallel also the concept of characteristic value.

Eurocode 7 concerning the geotechnical design, introduces for the first time the characteristic values ​​of geotechnical parameters.

The characteristic value, understood as a precautionary estimate of the parameter which influences the onset of the limit state into consideration, must be used in any type of geotechnical verification.

The works must be verified for the ultimate limit states that may occur as a consequence of different combinations of actions and for the serviceability limit state, defined in relation to the expected benefits.


"Limit state is a condition beyond which the structure no longer fulfills the needs for which it was designed."

Ultimate limit state is considered when the limit state is associated with the extreme value of the bearing capacity of the structure. The overcoming of an ultimate limit state is irreversible and is defined collapse. Serviceability limit state is considered when it is linked to the achievement of a particular state of the structure which, while not causing the collapse undermines important functional aspects that limit the performance in operating conditions.


Defining the characteristic value therefore means choosing the geotechnical parameter that influences the behavior of the soil in that limit state, and adopt a value, or estimate, in favor of safety.

To the ​​found characteristic values are applied a series of partial safety factors according to the limit state considered.



CV Soil main features


The software calculates the characteristic values ​​of the soil by analyzing the parameters obtained from the surveys. The geotechnical parameters are treated as random variables and the set of values ​​of the parameters as statistical population.

With CVSoil it is possible to import data from multiple surveys within the same area. Data entry is simple and intuitive.

The area of ​​investigation can be displayed on Google Maps.

The parameters that can be statistically analyzed are:

Angle of shearing resistance

Drained cohesion

Undrained cohesion

Relative density

Consistency index

Oedometric modulus

Shear modulus

Young's modulus


Natural unit weight

Saturated unit weight

Pocket penetrometer

Poisson's ratio

Uniaxial compressive strength

Static tip resistance

Natural moisture

Shear waves velocity

Custom parameters

Data related to performed surveys can be inserted and/or searched on the web.

Automatically import data from Static and Dynamic Probing. The processed data can be automatically sent to all GeoStru software.

Computation report that can be exported in the following formats: RTF, DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTM, JPEG.