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GeoStru Software




The GeoStru Software company develops technical and professional software for geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, geology, geomechanics, hydrology, soil testing, geophysics.

Thanks to GeoStru Software you can now use the most effective tools for your own profession. The GeoStru software represents a complete, reliable (the computation algorithms are the most technologically advanced in the research field worldwide), regularly updated, easy to use tool with an intuitive user interface.

Attention to customer service and the development of software using modern technologies allowed us to become one of the strongest companies in the field on international markets. The software – currently translated into eight languages – is compatible with international computation rules / normatives and it is one of the most used in over 50 countries worldwide.

GeStru is always present at the main exhibitions in the field, both in Italy and abroad SAIE Bologna, MADEEXPO Milano, GeoFluid Piacenza, ExpoEdilizia Roma, Restructura Torino, SEEBE Belgrad, Construct EXPO Bucuresti, EcoBuild Londra, Construtec Madrid, The Big 5 Dubai etc.
Today working with GeoStru is more than just buying software – it means having beside you a team of professionals willing to share their knowledge and experience for excellent results.


There are many areas where the company has specialized in over the years.

The family of GeoStru products is, in fact, divided into several categories:



Geotechnics and geology


In situ soil tests

Hydrology and Hydraulics






For further information about our products please visit our website


Among the many services offered by GeoStru Software you can use the free service GeoStru Online that includes software applications on the web that will help you solve many different problems.


ISO 9001:2008 certification
CVI Italia s.r.l. awarded GeoStru Software the UNI EN ISO 9001 company certification on 1st June 2009, certificate no. 7007, for software design and sale.



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