Dynamic analysis

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Dynamic analysis

The dynamic analysis employs the method developed by Conte, Pugliese and Troncone (2022)


As soon as the calculation ends, the following sketch results are first shown in "Section".


Graphic results shown in "Section"


As the analysis is dynamic, the obtained results are interactive. Specifically, it is possible to view what happens at any time of the simulation just by hovering over the desired time in the acceleration time-history shown at the bottom of the screen. For any considered time, this output shows:

the horizontal displacement at the top of the wall

the distance of the center of rotation from the wall base

the depth "X" measured from the excavation level. This value indicates the portion of the soil where the passive resistance is fully mobilized

net pressures acting on the wall


Switching on "Time-history results", the evolution with time of the calculated results is shown. Specifically, the following outcomes are provided by DReW Seismic:

displacement of the top of the wall

comparison between the acceleration time-history (given as input) and the calculated corresponding critical value of acceleration

angular acceleration of the wall

angular velocity of the wall

rotation of the wall

net pressure at the wall base and comparison with the corresponding limit value

depth X, along which the passive resistance is fully mobilized

distance of the center of rotation from the wall base


In addition, all the obtained results can be exported in a Excel file, by using the button "Report".


How to create a report file