Position of the center of rotation

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Position of the center of rotation

DReW Seismic is based on the method developed by Conte, Pugliese and Troncone (2022), in which it is assumed that the wall undergoes a rigid rotation (θ) around a point located close to the wall base. The distance between the center of rotation and the wall base is indicated as Y (see the figure below).


Movement undergone by the wall during the earthquake


The position of the center or rotation will vary during the earthquake. In this context, DReW Seismic provides the evolution of Y with time due to the seismic oscillation. An example is shown below.


Evolution of the position of the center of rotation, Y, during the considered earthquake


The user must be careful that the values of Y provided by DReW Seismic are always positive, but less than the depth of embedment.