Undrained cohesion

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Undrained cohesion


Benassi & Vannelli - Cu

correlations derived by the penetrometer construction company SUNDA 1983.


Sanglerat - Cu  

from CPT (Cone Penetration Test) data for saturated cohesive soils.

these correlations are not valid for sensitive clays whose sensitivity is > 5 nor over consolidated or fissured clays or low plasticity silts.



Sanglerat - Cu  

for silty-sandy clays of low cohesiveness

values valid for penetrometric resistance < 10 blows

for higher resistance Sanglerat’s correlation for plastic clays is indicated



a = 1.33 for low sandy sandy clay


(U.S.D.M.S.M.) U.S. Design Manual Soil Mechanics undrained cohesion - Cu  

valid for silty clay and clay of low, medium or high plasticity, (Cu-Nspt-degree of plasticity).


Schmertmann (1975) - Cu  - (average values)

valid for clays and clayey silts of Nc=20 and Qc/Nspt=2




Schmertmann (1975) - Cu  

valid for clays NC .


Fletcher (1965) (Chicago clay)

valid for clay of low or medium plasticity




Houston (1960)

clay of medium-high plasticity


Shioi-Fukuni (1982)  

valid for soils inconsistent and plastic clay of medium to high plasticity




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