Important notes

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Important notes

Important notes



The program is based on the graphic entry of the penetrometric tests. To enter them:


arrowSelect the Tests management icon (from General Data menu)

arrowGo on the work area

arrowClick on the right button of the mouse and then choose the test type to input and enter the general data.

arrowRight click of the mouse on the test and choose Data entry


In Data Entry a series of quick menus are available, among which:


arrowOn the unit weight column right click for automatic computation of the weight

arrowOn the graphic a series of functions among which input of layers with the right click of the mouse, export, etc.

arrowTo delete a layer select the entire row in the Layer table and press Del.

arrowOnce the input finished, go on the test and choose Process;

arrowIn Process, to choose parameters, go on the grid in upper right corner and press the right button of the mouse


*The difference between Process and Reprocess  is the following:

the first one calculates the geotechnical parameters and keeps the eventual alteration of the parameters, while the second one recalculates the parameters without keeping eventual alterations brought by the user.


*If the equipment to use is not in the equipment list open the window Equipment from General Data menu, go with the mouse on Equipment, press the right button of the mouse and insert a new penetrometer.


The measurement units can be personalized from Preference menu > Options.



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