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In this section is described the meaning of each graphic in Easy HVSR, with the intent to provide a clearer understanding of the whole problem.


The options for the graphics are common to all, so they are presented in this overview page.


With a double click on any graphic can be maximized the view within the application window. To bring it back to the previous size just repeat the double click.


The context menu is common to all graphics except for that of the graphical representation of the stratigraphic model. The possible options are:



This command allows displays  a dialog box where the user can decide a large number of settings for the graphic.

N.B.: These changes are only temporary, when the graphics configuration changes, the changes are lost.



This option allows to maximize or minimize the graphic, depending on the state of the graphic when the command is invoked.



This option allows to export the graphic.



This option allows  to print the graphic.




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