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The traces are represented each one on a different graphic.


The unit of measurement of the recording is supposed in mm/s, but if it should be different, the representation is the same while remaining erroneous simply the words on the graphic.


The graphic of the traces appears in the configurations of "Traces" and "Selection". In the first one, the graphic is a simple graphic representation of the recordings made in situ. In the second configuration instead, in addition to maintaining the contents of the previous one, shows the time position of the windows identified by the analysis process. Each of these windows is represented by a rectangle that encloses then the recording interval associated with the window.

When one of these windows is selected is highlighted on the graphic with a different color and with a greater thickness of the outline.

The reverse also applies, by selecting a window in the graphic it is selected not only in the table of selected windows but also on the stationarity map.

In the case in which the value of overlap in the general data has a value greater than 0, the representation of the windows within the graphic of the traces show (in the limits of visibility of the screen) this overlap.

In the event that is entered a new window with the graphics mode, during the operation of placing this new window will be temporarily displayed, and synchronized with the position of the mouse pointer within the graphic, a window of sizes equal to that indicated in the field relative to the size of the windows in the general data.




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