Import from test and SAF files

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Import from test and SAF files


Import from test and SAF files


The dialog box for importing traces from text files allows you to extract the relevant data formatted in any way thanks to the features outlined below:


Section "Read traces"

This section contains the information needed to locate in the text file on the right side of the dialog box the location of the required data.


Index first row

This field indicates the line where is the first row of the traces' data.

N.B.: To get an immediate reading of the line within the text file on the right side of the dialog box, click a point on the line so as to position the cursor: in this way, at the bottom side and next to the progress bar is displayed the line number.


Index first column

This field indicates the ordinal number of the column in which it appears as the first trace.


Index row sampling rate

This field indicates the line on which is placed the figure for the frequency with which the traces' samples were recorded. To know the position, the same considerations as for the field "Index first row" apply. The frequency will be specified in the relevant field at the bottom side of the window.

N.B.: Some times is reported the sampling interval which represents the inverse of the sampling frequency. Even if you put a wrong index, the procedure shall continue assuming a sampling frequency equal to 1, which still appears in the field above, and which may be subsequently amended.


Separating character

In this field you can choose a character, or enter one of your choice, which is the character used in the text file to be imported to separate data between them (typically between one and the other is given at least a space separator).


Section "Reorder channels"

As the files can be organized in various ways, in this section you can associate to each Easy HVSR channel a specific column of text extraction.


Suppose that the columns of the traces in the text file are organized in the following order: Vertical, North-South, East-West. To be able to correctly read the information is therefore necessary to reorganize the extraction placing in the fields for each channel the following values ​​(in order): 2, 3 and 1.



The button "Extract" allows to initiate the procedure of extracting data from the text file loaded into the dialog box, which is then shown in the table right next to the button to verify the correctness of the extraction. During the extraction process, the progress bar shows the status of the extraction.


"OK" and "Cancel" buttons are used to accept or discard the extraction process hitherto performed.




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