H/V spectral ratio

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H/V spectral ratio


H/V spectral ratio


This graphic is present in the "Spectral analysis" and "Spectrum H/V" windows and represents the curve of the average H/V spectral ratio with its confidence interval. Inside the "Spectrum H/V" window, are also present the ellipticity curves, for one or more modes, of one or more models.


This graphic represents the final result of the whole recording analysis. Its reliability is measured by the criteria suggested by the SESAME project on the basis of the checks that are carried out in the "Spectrum H/V" window.


Its reading enables the user to make choices on the windows to be selected in the phase of the spectral analysis. In fact, so that the H/V curve so obtained is actually reliable is necessary that its confidence interval is as narrow as possible. This is achieved by excluding from the analysis those windows that have a H/V spectral ratio unlike the average, especially in those frequency ranges where it is considered excessive the width of the confidence interval.


By placing the mouse pointer near the points close to curves, after a few seconds, can be seen a small window within which the coordinates of the point are shown.




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