Ordinary concrete weir

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Ordinary concrete weir

The geometry of the weir made of ordinary concrete is defined with reference to the following figure:



Geometrical diagram of the concrete weir


With reference to the figure, the data the user must enter are the following:


HB [m]:


Weir body height


POSB [m]:


Distance between the face upstream the weir and the farthest edge upstream the foundation


LC [m]:


Crowining width


HC [m]:


Crowning height


SPV [ °]:


Inclination of the downstream face with respect to the vertical (Angle measured as positive anticlockwise)


HFV [m]:


Downstream foundation height


LTF [m]:


Total foundation length  


LT [m]:


Foundation cut-off wall width


ST [m]:


Inclination of the downstream cut-off wall wit respect to the vertical (Angle measured ass positive clockwise)


HFM [m]:


Upstream foundation height


BB [m]:


Base of the weir body


Besides, the concrete weir is completely defined when its specific gravity is defined in the general information.





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