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Software for the design and analysis of gabion walls, simple concrete weirs and gabion weirs in static ad seismic conditions.

GDW has advanced graphics features including the three-dimensional view through which you can examine in detail the inputsmade.


The global stability analysis if performed with GSAGlobal Stability analysis.



Gabion walls, gabion and concrete weirs


Safety checks are carried out for load combinations defined by the user in accordance with the directives imposed by new regulations.


Safety factors in case of:

• Overturning

• Sliding

• Limit load

• Global stability

• Siphoning


For the GABION wall are provided additional security checks, and in particular:


• Sliding safety verification at the interface between gabion and gabion;

• Crush safety verification at the interface between gabion and gabion.



Hydraulic design


• Compensation slope. The compensation slope is the slope of riverbed at which occurs the sedimentation of the material on the reverse side of the weir, and for a fixed design flow rate, the aggregates are in equilibrium

• Height of the notch

• The maximum excavation downstream of the weir, once calculated the heights of the current downstream and upstream of the weir

• The safety factor to siphoning, calculated with the finite element study of the filtration problem in a porous medium

• The maximum depth of excavation calculated with the formula of Schoklitsch

• When an auxiliary weir is present it’s minimum height will be determined as well as the minimum length of it’s upstream basin and the height of the current in correspondence of the auxiliary weir





The software offers highly detailed text and graphics in DXF and DOC formats .



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