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A weir or dike is a structure used to restrain erosion phenomena in river-beds. In particular, it is used when one wants to change the slope of the river-bed taken into examination, bringing it to a compensation value. There are different technologies used for the execution of weirs. The GDW programme takes into examination the ordinary concrete weirs as well as gabion weirs. Both types are shown in the following figure:




Figure: A gabion weir (left) – A concrete weir



Then calculation executed in the programme concerns two different checks:


1.A hydraulic test:


In this case, all the water amounts necessary to assess the goodness of the intervention will be determined. For example, quantities such as the maximum excavation depth, the uniform motion height are calculated amongst others.



2.Check of the global equilibrium:


In this case, the stability of the work is assessed following the classical tests necessary for this kind of structures.






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