Gabion weirs

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Gabion weirs

The geometry of the gabion weirs is defined with reference to the following figure:



Geometrical diagram of the gabion weirs


The gabion weir is defined as an assembly of several gabions. Gabions of different types can be present in the same weir. With reference to the left side of the figure, the type of gabion is defined through the following quantities:


H [m]:


Height of a single gabion


B [m]:


Base of a single gabion


L [m]:


Length of a single gabion


Weight [kN/m³]


The unit weight of the material constituting the gabion.

On the contrary, the gabion weir is defined with reference to the right side of the figure:




The ith layer of the weir will be constructed using one of the types defined by the user  




Number of gabions making up the layer


d [m]


The distance between the first gabion, starting fro the left, of the layer from the chosen reference system

The user must also define the number of silted-up gabions (NGI) on the laying of the gabion system.





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