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GeoRock is a software made by GeoStru for the 2D simulation of rockfalls using Lumped Mass and C.R.S.P. models.


Computation models

For the Lumped Mass model, the computation assumptions are:


plan outline

slope profile similar to a broken line consisting of straight line segments

point boulder

neglectable air resistance


The CRSP model (Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program) has been developed by Pfeiffer and Bowen (1989) with the purpose of modeling the falling motion of boulders having the shape of spheres, cylinders or discs, with circular cross section in the vertical plane of the movement. The reliability of the model was verified by comparisons between numerical results and those obtained from in situ tests.


Interface with other GeoStru software

The software is interfaced with other GeoStru programs:


TriSpace for the automatic generation of sections from an xyz plane or from raster images

GeoStru SRTM for the automatic generation of topographical sections starting from Google Maps

GeoStru Maps, the new online App from GeoStru, that allows you to create topographic sections in a very simple way


Works of intervention

The software allows the insertion of energy dissipators along the profile:


rigid barriers

elastic barriers




After the simulation the designer has the data needed to proceed to their sizing.



The program performs the computation according to the statistical and deterministic approach, the user can choose to make a point launch or define a launch area. The user is given the option to choose the shape of the boulder:







GeoRock returns information about the energy, velocity, time of flight and height of the parabola at any point of a generic trajectory of the boulder.

After the computation is given the opportunity to view, print or copy the energy diagrams, trajectories or energy histograms, diagrams that can be managed individually or as a whole (using the command "Envelope").






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