Saving and uploading files

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Saving and uploading files

Since GeoStru 365 is a cloud service and therefore, the software resides physically on a server that shares the information on the web, the user needs to upload and download the file from and to his pc. Please remember, not to save files inside C:/ or in any other folder that is not explicit in the following paragraphs, as this would lead to the sharing of your personal files with other users.


Downloading files


When saving the file, just go to "Desktop" and in the dialog box that appears, save in the "Downloads" folder:




The service, after a few seconds, will start the download through the browser (in the example below Google Chrome was used, but the same procedure applies to other browsers):




Uploading files

To upload files, simply click on the gear at the bottom right of the screen:




A window will open with all the service settings, just click on "Shared device":




And then you will enter the file upload area, where to upload the desired file simply click "Upload a file":




At the end of the upload (with progress bar in the lower right corner) the uploaded file will appear in Shared Device:




The file you just uploaded can be found in the Uploads folder in Desktop:


clip0013           clip0012


Alternatively, you can upload your own file from your PC by simply dragging and dropping it onto the browser window in which the software is open:




Using the personal cloud

Also by accessing the personal area you can connect your personal cloud, through the symbol of the electric plug:




once activated and connected, it will appear in "Quick Access" or reachable from the folder of the RemoteUser used:



clip0025     clip0026


If in some software the "Quick Access" menu doesn't appear, your cloud can be reached from the drive X:/ in "This PC":

clip0028         clip0029clip0030


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