Unstructured mesh generation

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Unstructured mesh generation

The easiest way of generating mesh on a plane is unstructured mesh generation with Delaunay constraint triangulation. For an arbitrarily shaped region or connected regions the mesh is generated automatically by designating the interfaces or the holes of that domain. You can easily fill an arbitrarily shaped region with triangular elements using automatic triangulation as described below. For successful automatic triangulation, curves or polylines should be selected so that they may form a region compatible for mesh generation as described below.

      A region is formed from one or multiple interfaces.

      The outer boundary of the region should be enclosed by serially connected lines or curves.

      The region boundary may be either convex or concave.

      The region may contain holes or control curves inside the boundary.

The following examples illustrate mesh regions compatible and incompatible for automatic triangulation.




Figure 8. Compatible region for automatic triangulation.





(a)   The lines do not form a closed boundary

(b)   The lines ar not contained within the boundary of the region




(c)   Two curves are containing at point which is not a common node


Figure 9. Incompatible regions for automatic triangulation.










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