Soils database

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Soils database


Soils Database

This command enables the management of a database of soil types to be used as descriptors and quick selectors of soil layer attributes.

A dialog window opens that is composed of three columns, namely one for a textual name, one for geotechnical parameters and the last for association with a bitmap image to appear in the graphics.

A number of the more used soil types accompany this product from the producer, but these may be altered or expanded by the user at will using this tool.




To insert a new type, point to the word "Soils" in the left side column (the header word for the list) and open the floating menu associated with this (right click). Click on "New". The column in the center now appears with no data ready for input of the characteristics of the new type, which the user is invited to enter. Each lithology is identified in the list by the "Code" assigned by the user (central column).

To start entry click on the "New Type" text in the left side column. Then enter the characteristics required in the center column and select the bitmap texture that will characterize the soil in graphics from the third column.




To associate a bitmap drag the image from the left column to the box "Texture".

If alternatively only a color is required, click the "Texture" box and select a color from the resulting color palette.




To remove a type from the list (irrevocably!) select the type with the mouse and press "Delete" in the floating menu (right click).



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