General data

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General data


General data menu allows the user to enter specific details of the current project:



Project Engineer;







By entering the location in this format: street xxxx, city, state, country, the work area it will be automatically identified. Alternatively, assign coordinates in WGS84 system in decimal degrees.




The system requires an internet connection for the identification of the area.



Soil type

Choose from loose soil or rock according to the type of soil on which rests the foundation.For foundations on rock, the program automatically adjusts the data window of the stratigraphy (ex. RQD).



Correction parameters

For predominantly sandy soils, Terzaghi suggested to apply a correction on the geotechnical parameters, which is to reduce the cohesion to 2/3 and the tangent of the shearing resistance angle to 0,67·tan(j).



Commento        Comment



Seismic action

To estimate the seismic effects on the site is better, at this point, to select the seismic normative and the computation methods to be used.




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