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Offers the possibility to assign textures, the graphics of the work area, setup the text report (margins of the pages, tables, choose whether to include the theoretical note in the report or not), choose the units of measurement system (S.I. or Technical) fill the company data and set the saving options.


Create report

Creates a text report of the computation performed with the software. The settings of the report can be assigned/modified using the "Options" command.


Export in DXF

Creates a drawing of the work area (foundation, layers, legends, elevations, etc.).


Export BitMap

Saves the image of the work area.


Export to GFAS and Export to Slope

Prepares the files for the export in GFAS software (finite element software for the soil mechanics) and Slope software (software for slope stability of loose soil or rock slopes), both developed by GeoStru Software.



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