Summary Results and diagrams

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Summary Results and diagrams

Piles & Minipile program produces a full report of the parameters entered and of the result calculations  that can be viewed (and edited) from the file menu and the export menu. When the analysis is requested some summary results are produced directly on screen. The result summaries are tailored to the type of support under analisis (Pile/Minipile).


For Minipiles, a summary of Limit load and settlements display, and a Structural analysis table for each minipile, are produced.


For Piles, a summary of Limit load and settlements table, and a Structural analysis table, are produced.


These table may be exported or printed from a floating menu (Right mouse).


The Load & Settlements table for piles also enable (Right mouse) a graphic of loads for variations of pile depth/ diameter to be produced for each step within the variations suggested to the primary pile dimensions, in Foundation Pile.


For Piles, additionally, directly from the Computation menu, graphics of moments, shear, and pressures lines, can be invoked and appear superimposed on the diagram of the pile. They can be printed by invoking graphic print from the File menu.





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