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Stratigraphy window.

This window enables the properties of terrain layers and a display texture to be specified or displayed for amendment. Instead of entering each layer data, previously defined layer descriptions may be recalled from the database which is loaded with some representative values.  To enrich the selection additional entries  can be made, taking care to retain the format (tab delimited values). File name is terreni.txt in the program folder.

The window in the form of a table, contains the following columns:

Nr.: Ordinal layer number. Layer data should be entered from the upper layer and progressively downwards. Layer number must be entered.

DB .: Drop down list that lists the soil types currently present on the database (terreni.txt). Clicking on one fills the row. The data thus entered may be altered individually if opportune.

HS (m): Enter layer depth in m. The depth can also be altered interactively on the drawing, by dragging it with the mouse. Confirmation of the change is requested.

Eps (°): Inclination angle of the layer in degrees +ve if anticlockwise. Similarly to depth, may be altered interactively.

Vol.Unit Weight. (kg/m³) : Unit volume weight of material in this layer;

Saturated Vol.Unit Weight. (kg/m³) : Unit volume weight of material in this layer where soil is below gwt or anyway saturated;

c (Kg/m²): Terrain cohesion; Where the gwt is present, or where the soil is saturated insert undrained soil value and check the box for undrained condition further along in the table.

Fi: Angle of layer shear resistance, in degrees. Where the gwt is present, insert the effective parameter. In undrained analysis the angle is considered zero automatically.

Negative skin friction: Check this box if working with single piles and it is desired to take into consideration the negative skin friction which is generated in this layer against the pile. See also technical discussion.

Undrained condition: Check this box to indicate undrained condition in this layer.

Ey - Elastic modulus (kg/m²): Elastic modulus for this layer. Required parameter in settlement calculation.

Alpha: Coefficient of adhesion for transition of lateral friction along the pile or minipile. For driven piles or minipiles, this parameter may be user supplied or automatically calculated selecting among the author’s list (Caquot-Kerisel, Meyerhof e Murdock, Whitaker-Cooke, Woodward). For drilled piles the coefficient is automatically calculated based on the range of values of cohesion. See also technical discussion.

Texture: Selects texture/colour to be associated with current layer. Click the mouse to open a colour palette from which the colour to be applied can be chosen. Note that if the row was filled from the database, the colour will probably already be assigned, but it can be altered in the same way. If otherwise it is desired to assign a texture, select a relevant one from the list in the right hand pane and drag to this column.

Lithologic description: Text value to describe the layer material which is reproduced on the drawing beside the layer.


Note: A floating menu is available in the table by clicking the right mouse button with the following options:

Export table to Excel


Copy Layer:

Paste Layer

Import Stratigraphiy:

Export Stratigraphiy:

For a number of parameters an informative text appears when the tabulation point is at the column