Stirrups of seismic joint (DCH)

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Stirrups of seismic joint (DCH)

In the case of calculation with seismic combinations in 'DCH' ductility class, at the end of the resistance calculation of the predefined beam sections (i.e. when the 'Checks' tab is active) it is possible to design the area of the nodal horizontal stirrups of any node in which it will be inserted the beam to which the section being calculated belongs. To activate this calculation, simply select the 'Joint Beam-column: horizontal stirrups design' option contained in the red box in the figure below.





Once the above option has been selected, the following window opens in which the missing data relating to any column converging in the joint must be assigned:





Once the assignment of the data relating to the column has been completed, including the forces transmitted by them to the joint, the program carries out the design of the transversal reinforcement area (nodal stirrups). The diagonal compression check is carried out using both formulations foreseen in § EC8. The calculation of the nodal horizontal stirrups is carried out with both the methods referred to in (5.35) and (5.36) EC8. The MINIMUM quantity of stirrups between the two calculated can be assumed. The data relating to the materials and reinforcements of the beam are those of the current beam being calculated.

The area of the nodal stirrups thus calculated must be compared with that of the adjacent dissipative zones of the column and, if smaller, must be increased until it equals the stirrup area in said dissipative zones.