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For a correct input the user has to respect the following conventions:


Basin's input

The vertices that define the basin have to be assigned as rising from left to right;


Hydro graphical network input

The hydro graphical network can be assign by defining a main river reach and the secondary ones.


Reach input

Every river reach is inserted from the highest elevation downwards; the same criteria is applied for the secondary reaches: from the highest elevation point to the lowest.


Break point's input

The verification break points are inserted, in sequence, starting at the main reach's lowest break point to the highest. For every inserted break point the program determines a basin section (a sub-basin) of all reaches that outflow at that break point.  This sub basin cut off line can be altered by the user after all break point input, by selecting the Coordinates panel in the right side of the work sheet. In this phase the transversal section of the sub-basin can be altered by blocking the <Automatic generation of the basin's transversal section> and by selecting the <Vertex alteration> command from the Data Input menu, followed by the vertex position alteration with the mouse or by the input of the new coordinates in the upper part of the panel.


Alterations must precede computation.


Break point's form

Break point definition can be done by clicking the uphill line after activating the selection command. A new worksheet will be opened in which, in the right side, a panel allows entry of all its proprieties (form, roughness ...).


Recurrence interval determination

Every time a new file is created the Recurrence interval must be determined in the General Data menu.