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As was already said (see BASIN' S INPUT IN HYDROLOGIC RISK ), basin's vertex insertion and its river network can be performed graphically with the mouse.

The programs allows increasing levels of detail input so to start with the vertices that determine the basin's outline may be inserted (its inner points) and after these, the main reach's vertices.


Basin's vertices

For the watershed boundary insertion press Select <Basin vertices> in Data Input: so the program allows the user by selecting the <Vertices input> command to insert vertices by clicking the work area; these will be inserted as rising from left to right to the complete closing. Once the vertices input is completed, in the right side of the screen will be viewed the coordinates inserted that can be altered. The <Vertex input> command can be also selected from the Standard toolbar.


Vertex alteration

The command allows the graphical alteration of a vertex position, by placing the mouse on it pressing and holding the left button of the mouse, placing the vertex into its new position. When you pass the mouse on the vertex its coordinates can be viewed on the right part of the screen. The <Vertex alteration> command can be also selected from the Standard  toolbar.


Vertex elimination

Allows vertex elimination. Position the mouse on the point you want to eliminate after having selected the command and click. The command can be selected also from the toolbar.



The command is indicated when you want to insert another vertex with the two already inserted.


elevation vertices input

To graphically insert basin's interior vertices you have to select the command and click on the work sheet. For every vertex the coordinates grid is automatically viewed in the right part of the screen.    


elevation vertices elimination

This command allows elevation vertices' elimination within the basin.


Transversal section

This command allows the introduction of the verification sections from the Numeric Input. The sections' displacing to the highest point of the river reach is done starting from downwards. Every section must be determined starting from the left with the mouse down towards its the final point. The section's form and dimensions are graphically and numerically shown in the sections' view window that can be activated with a double click of the mouse in the correspondent area (see also Numeric Input )


Transversal section elimination

This command allows the transversal section's elimination with a click on the section that you want to eliminate.