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This screen is used to define or modify the physical and mechanical characteristics of the block under consideration.

Refer to the diagrams in Introduction topic to fill the geometrical characteristics.

Angles are measured from the horizontal plain in an anticlockwise direction.

Apart from individual limits, they will take the values from zero to 180°.

An exception is the angle of the surface from crest and beyond. This may be ascending i.e. continuing to rise even if at a lower angle than the slope, or it may descend from the crest downwards.

A descendant vector is entered as –ve angle.

So that 10 means continuing to rise at an angle of 10°; 0 (zero) flattening out; -10 descending at 10° below the horizontal.

As sufficient data is entered a prototype of the block is drawn in the pane beside the values. Altering the values will be reflected in the pane.

An information display gives extra help for each variable as it comes into focus.

Continue thereafterto enter the mechanical characteristics.

If the location is subject to seismic effects. then also select values from the drop down lists for ordinate and abscissa coefficients.



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