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RockPlane is a GeoStru Software S.a.S. product for the evaluation of stability of blocks of rock embedded in a slope that may potentially overcome frictional and retaining resistance and slide downwards. The product further evalutes and designs support works in the form bolts or tiebacks to achieve a given level of safety factor, taking into account possible seismic events and water pressures.


The program operates on blocks of conceptually gemetrically regular dimensions in two dimensional plane where a unifom depth of the block is used to evaluate its mass.


The basic form of the block is shown in the figure below:





This basic rhomboid form may reduce to one of two triangular forms where:


1. Base slide surface vector extends to intercept head surface vector without the occurrence of a fracture;


2. Fracture vector intercepts the Slope surface before the slope/head crest.





Geostru company created a service available on the Geoapp web page where there are several applications for making online calculations. Some of these can be used together with Rock Plane, for example: Nailing; Stability analysis of flat surfaces; Cunei3D etc., more details are shown in the Geoapp Section of this Help.





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