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The selection of the command displays a dialog box in which the following data is required:


Nr: Serial number of the piling.
Description: Identification text of the pile chosen by the user.
Length: Insert the length of the pile.

Diameter: Insert the diameter of the pile.

Interaxis: Insert the transverse interaxis between the piles.

Inclination: Insert the inclination angle of the axis of the pile from the horizontal.

Share strength: Insert the value of the shear strength of the pile section; this parameter is only taken into account if you choose as a stabilization method the shear stress (see next point).


Stabilization method: Choose between the two options proposed the way in which the pile intervenes on the stability of the slope: the method of the shear stress, with which the pile, if intercepted, opposes a resistance equal to the shear strength of the section, or the limit load method which considers as resistant strain the horizontal limit load relative to the interaction between the piles and the lateral ground in movement, function of the diameter and of the distance between the piles. For the considerations in the evaluation of the reaction of the soil using the method of Broms please refer to the bibliography.


For the limit load method must be inserted the yield moment (My) of the section


PIUAutomatic computation My



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