Walls types

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Walls types


At this point, it is possible to define different types of retaining walls to be inserted on the profile of the slope. To define a new type, press the New button and assign the geometrical data and the specific weight required.

To edit an existing type, just select it by sliding the various types with the Next button and make the desired changes. When inserting the data, it is available the option to consider or not the flexibility of the work (Deformable or Non-deformable); are considered rigid RCC works, while works such as gabions or walls in stone are considered flexible. For flexible works, it must be assigned the shear stress of the work in the specified unit of measurement, in this case in the calculation of FS will be considered also the sliding surfaces which intersect the work and taken into account the resistance opposed by it to sliding. If the support work inserted is rigid, the same surfaces (the ones that intersect the work) are automatically excluded from the calculation and are considered as stabilizing effect only the weight of the work.





By inserting a wall on a slope the software automatically changes the profile of the slope adapts it to the geometry of the wall; if the user does not want to automatically modification of the profile must disable the option shown at the bottom left of the dialog box "Automatic profile modification".





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