Reinforcing element

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Reinforcing element


The reinforcing element (generally a geotextile) is placed on the ground to confer a greater resistance to sliding along a probable failure surface, see image below.


elemento di rinforzo



Clicking on the command ARROW0"Reinforcing element"





Appears a table in which one must define the geometric characteristics and resistance of the element.

When the reinforcement element has not been attached to the profile of the soil but moved along its horizontal axis, inserting the flag to "Recalculate position" and pressing first "Apply" and then "OK" the software automatically repositions the element properly and then can be associated with a color and make it active or not depending on the computational requirements.

Generally, for stabilizing a road embankment, see fig., is used the technique of reinforced earth; in order to model it you can proceed as follows:

- clicking on "Distribute" opens a dialog box asking how many reinforcements to be distributed on the slope profile

- typing the numerical value, the software will place in all the reinforcements of known geometric features

- the user may at any time modify any characteristics of the reinforcements - to confirm the modification, simply click on the button "Apply" and then "Ok".





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