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Computation summary


This tabbed panel shows the salient results of the calculation and enables the display of results to be tailored to requirement.


Recompute: performs the computation of the safety factor relative to a circular sliding surface already examined. To use this option proceeds as follows:


1. Select the surface to be recalculated with the command Display safety factor from the  Computation menu, press the ESC key to  confirm the position of the surface.

2. Insert the coordinates XC, YC of the center and the value of the surface radius (confirm each entered value with Enter).

3. By pressing Recompute the software performs the computation and displays the factor of safety and the geometrical data of the examined surface.  


Recompute is very useful because it allows to change the computation method, to insert works and to examine the surface calculated previously.


Display intervals: It is possible to divide by color the surfaces whose safety factor falls in value ranges defined by the user. The discretization of the intervals can occur automatically is chosen the option in the panel at the bottom right.


The user can customize the intervals by choosing the lower and upper limits (ex. 0-1,3) and the corresponding color or define a gradient of colors. Personalized choice of intervals is performed, after deselecting the option Automatic selection for display color intervals and selecting Interval color selection option.



Centers grid: Displays the grid center chosen by the user.

Factors map: Displays on the centers' grid the safety factors related to each center.

Color map: Displays the map of the factors in colors. This option is useful to determine if the chosen grid of centers verifies all possible sliding surfaces compatible with the position of the grid and the geometry of the slope. The presence of bands of color is well defined, indicates the correct positioning of the mesh; on the contrary, strong dispersions of color must direct the user to the choice of a different grid.

Isolines: Displays on the grid the curves connecting the points with the same safety factor.



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